Free PK Yoga and Relaxation class with Babacool for Potential Kids SEND PARENTS/CARERS

By booking / registering you agree to complete the disclaimer / short form located here and email it to [email protected]

You will not be able to do the class without this. Thanks.

An Exclusive Virtual Weekly Yoga Class for Potential Kids SEND PARENTS/CARERS

starting Friday 10th April 10:30-11:30


Run by Babacool on the online platform

Classes are suitable for beginners and those with little experience. If you are new to a class you will be required to complete a short questionnaire prior to your first class and please send it back to Suzanne on [email protected]

Legal Disclaimer – your participation in these online classes is at your own risk. Please practice in a suitable environment and spacious area.

In summary regular practice can help to:

  • Calm the mind & strengthen the body
  • Improve health & vitality levels
  • Slow the ageing process
  • Improve flexibility & strengthen the spine
  • Release fears & limiting patterns
  • Control anger, stress & depression
  • Give you the tools to manage your health, energy, emotions & mind
  • Relax and meditate with greater ease
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