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COVID-19 Update

We are still offering online sessions in the time being until it is safe for us to reopen. Please see our activities page for info on these sessions.

Covid 19 has certainly made things more difficult to achieve but has also made Potential Kids more determined to succeed. We’re so proud to announce that our project “POTENTIAL TO GROW” 🌱 is going to finally see the light. This will be Potential Kids’ new COMMUNITY & LEARNING GARDEN based at The Galleria. Exciting times ahead at the galleria! 😀 As we are all volunteers, we need your help to make this garden a wonderful place, not only for our PK Neurodiverse Families but also for our local community. Our garden will be an inclusive, diverse and a safe space for everyone to learn and relax especially at this difficult times. ✨🌱💫🌱


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